At CVIB, we are creating computer vision that understands the real world and can be trusted in clinical practice.

Scientists at CVIB are developing a superhuman machine intelligence that can see and understand medical images as we do.

Computer vision enables precision medicine, where new therapies are evaluated and the right treatment matched to the right patient.

Quantitative image analysis provides a vital decision support tool. We are committed to partnering with clinical scientists and providing imaging services for precision medicine.

We measure success not based on lab benchmarks, but on benefits actually delivered to patients.

We believe that the success of AI should be measured in improvements in patient outcomes and broad impact in routine health care.


CVIB resources support development of computer vision technology and delivering it for patient care.


SimpleMind adds thinking to deep neural networks — an open source software framework that supports deep neural networks with machine reasoning and automatic parameter tuning.

Imaging Core Lab

Provides image data curation and annotation services including de-identification, transfer, banking, and distribution.

Q3D Clinical Service

Combines cutting edge quantitative measurements with 3D visualizations of anatomy for patient care.


Development, testing, and implementation of advanced MRI and PET imaging biomarkers for the characterization of brain tumor biology and response evaluation in clinical trials.


FreeCT is a free software project for the reconstruction of 3rd generation, helical CT projection data.

Population Maps

Subpopulation Map of Prostate Atlas for Voxel-wise Tumor Localization


CVIB Imaging and Analysis Protocols

Computing Cluster

Dept of Radiology GPU/CPU cluster and shared computing resources


Helping people take their research to the next level, CVIB brings together a multidisciplinary team to move AI out of the lab and into clinical practice

We are motivated by seeing our ideas become technology that actually helps patients. We embrace collaborations with academia and industry involving both image analysis technology transfer and clinical services.

The leap from the lab to real-world decision making challenges technology performance, reliability, and validation. Success demands creativity, tenacity, collaboration, and persistence.
With our collaborators we are unlocking the potential of AI to provide precision care tailored to the individual patient. CVIB exists to:
  • Help people achieve their goals
  • Build things that make a difference
  • Foster collaboration and team success
CVIB provides multidisciplinary training opportunities

We have graduate student, postdoctoral, and undergraduate research opportunities in the fields of Computer Science, Data Science, Imaging Physics, Biostatistics, and Clinical Research.


Sunday May 5Thursday May 9

ARRS 2024 Annual Meeting

Wednesday July 3Friday July 5

MIDL 2024 - Medical Imaging with Deep Learning



Connect with us if you would like to:

  • Collaborate on computer vision technology development
  • Join our lab operations team
  • Partner with us on biomarker development
  • Use or quantitative imaging services

Students, career professionals, and collaborative partners are welcome!

We recruit people who can achieve their goals at CVIB and who will help others to do the same.