Computer vision to find the best possible treatment for each and every patient

Our Vision

Create a computer vision pathway that enables imaging biomarker discovery and translation to patient care

Our Mission

intelligent image analysis systems for early disease detection, treatment targeting, and efficacy assessment

Our Specialization

Our core features

Computer Vision and Image Analysis

  • We are creating Image Understanding systems that can interface with human experts for knowledge generation and augmented decision making.
  • Key technologies are semantically embedded neural networks and continuous AI.
  • Our goal is accurate and robust quantitative image analysis in clinical practice.

Imaging Biomarkers

  • We are motivated by seeing our ideas become technology that actually helps patients.
  • We develop imaging biomarkers to enable better treatment options for patients through drug discovery, predictive biomarkers, and treatment planning.
  • Our goal is to inform patients and so they can really understand their condition and the best options for them for treatment
What we can offer you

Core Lab Services

We provide image data curation and annotation services, including de-identification, transfer, banking, and distribution.
We have a team of trained image analysts and cutting-edge software tools for image segmentation, quantitative feature extraction, analysis, 3D visualization, and data management.

Clinical Trials

We provide full service clinical trial imaging management with regulatory compliance.
We embrace industry collaborations involving both image analysis technology transfer and clinical trial services.

Meet our team

Jonathan Goldin MD, Ph.D

Professor of Radiology & Biomedical Physics
Specialty: Diagnostic Radiology

Matthew Brown Ph.D

Professor of Radiology
Specialty: Thoracic Imaging

Ben Ellingson Ph.D MSc.

Associate Professor of Radiology
Specialty: Brain Imaging

Michael McNitt-Gray Ph.D

Professor of Radiology
Specialty: Thoracic Imaging

Grace Kim Ph.D

Associate Professor of Radiology & Biostatistics
Specialty: Thoracic Imaging