Open Source

SimpleMind: A virtual data scientist built using Cognitive AI. An open source software framework that supports neural networks with higher level reasoning and automatic parameter tuning

FreeCT is a free software project for the reconstruction of 3rd generation, helical CT projection data.

Population Maps

Subpopulation Map of Prostate Atlas for Voxel-wise Tumor Localization


Standardized Brain Tumor MRI Protocols – Image protocol standardization and quality control for multicenter clinical trials in brain tumors

ERSIAS – MRI Image protocol for the ERIAS clinical trial

DREaM – MRI Image protocol for the DREaM clinical trial

QPSO-RF wrapper method – An algorithm that can predict the disease progression of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis using Computed Tomography (CT)

PostringPF Diagnosis (PDF) (Word Document) –  Deep learning models of IPF Diagnosis with Optimizing the Slice Sampling

Systems Computing Infrastructure 

Cluster – GPU servers including Tesla V100, RTX 8000 Ti, and GTX 2080 Ti