The field of medical imaging is changing rapidly, in the near future we expect intelligent automated software will analyze every single scan and provide a deep level of decision support. Analytics engines will connect directly to PACS archives so that when radiologists sit down to look at images they will be presented with quantitative assessments, targeted visualizations of 3D and fused data, decision support statistics, diagnostic probabilities, and recommended follow-up plans. In this new paradigm, automated cloud-based analytic algorithms capable of high throughput will be key.

CVIB is actively developing and validating advanced computational and imaging biomarkers for:

  • Comprehensive quantitative chest CT analysis: lung nodule detection and characterization, lobar volumetrics, emphysema scoring, lung fibrosis scoring.
  • Automated lung cancer screening and tumor diagnostics.
  • Quantitative assessment of lung ventilation using hyperpolarized MRI.
  • CT, MRI, PET tumor segmentation and measurement for diagnosis and treatment response assessment.
  • Neuro MRI oncology diagnosis and response assessment.
  • Prostate cancer MRI diagnostics using radiology-pathology correlations.
  • Bone scan tumor burden quantitation and assessment.
  • Quantitative imaging with CT dose reduction.
  • Chest x-ray device detection and placement confirmation.

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